Shipton Bell Fund Appeal News and Quiz Night

Dear Shipton Resident,


Many of you will know that the bells of St Mary’s, Shipton will shortly be undergoing major refurbishment. In 2017, an Appeal was launched to raise the £70,000 required for the project. We are delighted to let you know that to date we have raised just over £61,000 through a combination of individual donations, event tickets and sponsorship, and grants from charitable trusts.

We are very grateful to everyone who has supported the appeal so far as it means we have been able to confirm a slot with John Taylor & Co, the Loughborough Bell Foundry, for the restoration work. The work is scheduled to start on 24th September and we hope the bells will be returned in December in time to celebrate Christmas.

We need your help for this to happen! With a little under £10,000 left to raise to complete the project, we hope you will consider supporting it in one or more of the following ways.

Shipton Quiz Night in aid of Shipton Bells

Come along to the first quiz night in aid of the bell fund on Sunday 20th May from 7.30pm, kindly hosted by the Wychwood Inn. Come as a team or join a team on arrival – the more the merrier! £2.50 per person to enter; pay on the door.

Please click here for more details

Make a donation

You can make a donation of any amount by bank transfer or cheque, details are in the attached appeal leaflet. If you would like to contribute to a specific part of the project, the following fittings may be sponsored:

Headstocks                            £1500 each (includes display of donor’s name)   2 remaining

Wheels and braces             £750 each

Bell ropes                               £250 each                                                                            6 remaining

Ash sliders                              £100 each

Ash stays and bolts             £100 each

Floor bosses                          £50 each

Sponsor the last Quarter Peal on the ‘old’ bells

On Monday 27th August to coincide with the Shipton Fete, we will be ringing the last Quarter Peal on the bells prior to their refurbishment. Most ringing consists of several short pieces (5-10 minutes each) during which different groups of the ringers present, ring different methods. There are normally more ringers than ropes, so that shares the ringing around. A quarter peal is different; it is a much longer performance, of a set length, to a specific composition, and with the same person ringing each bell throughout. On our bells, a quarter peal takes 45 – 50 minutes. There will be 8 of us ringing; we plan to start at 12.00 and we would welcome sponsorship of this event.

Please consider supporting this local heritage project ensuring that the Shipton Bells are fit to ring out for events and celebrations in the village for the next 100 years and beyond.

Yours sincerely,


Chris Seers                          Jenny Lewis

on behalf of the Shipton Bell Fund



New library manager announced

I am very happy to announce, following Ruth’s retirement, that the library service has appointed a new manager to the post.

Marianne Ferrero will be starting as Wychwood’s new manager on the 14th May.  I am sure you will join us in wishing her the very best in taking over this new role, and share our relief that a suitable candidate has been found in such a relatively short time.  She will be ably assisted by Helen Mayo, as Wychwood library’s new customer service advisor.

As ever, thank you for everyone’s continuing support for both roles and we will look forward to Wychwood library continuing the superb work it does for the local communities.


Graham White

Community Involvement Officer

Oxfordshire Library Service

Annual Meeting of the Council

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is being held on Thursday 17th May at 7.30pm at New Beaconsfield Hall.

This is a normal Parish Council meeting but with the appointment of the chairman and vice chairman.



Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is being held on Thursday 19th April at 7.30pm at New Beaconsfield Hall.

This is an opportunity to find out what the Parish Council has been doing over the last year. It is also an opportunity to air your views.

Everyone welcome.



Please be aware that there are groups of thieves in Leicestershire and Rutland areas that are turning up in villages and attempting to remove kiosks. They claim to be from BT, but of course are not! Please see below for a description of the thieves contained in a message sent to us by one of our partner sites.

Today some men in high vis arrived with pneumatic drill and started excavating the phone box to remove it. This seen by a passer-by who was suspicious and who took a photo of the reg number. The occupants are thieves and the police have been informed. Another van parked up last week, with no tax or MOT, was also reported to the police. The Phone Box wasn’t removed, but nobody knows if they gave up or intend to return with some heavy plant and a steel band to drag it out overnight, so..

locals have been advised of this and to call 999

If they see or hear anything going on. The vehicles did check out as suspicious.

We would therefore recommend all communities with a phone box to be cautious and report any such activity to the police.

Burglary in Shipton Under Wychwood

Burglary in Shipton Under Wychwood

Please see message from Thames Valley Police.

On the 10/2/18 a property on the High Street in Shipton Under Wychwood was burgled. Offenders broke in through a window on the property.

2 days before the incident, the occupant of the property had a door to door seller asking if they would be interested in guttering cleaning services. we are unsure if this is connected However, if you have any further information or leaflets dropped off by the door to door seller, please contact police on 101 and quote crime reference number 43180044146

District Council’s Local Plan – Latest News

Consultation on Further Main Modifications to the Submission Draft West Oxfordshire Local Plan (2011 – 2031)

 West Oxfordshire District Council has published a series of Further Main Modifications to the Local Plan for consultation

The Local Plan establishes a vision of the District in 2031 and sets out a series of objectives, policies and proposals to guide that vision.

The plan seeks to address a number of key challenges facing the District including housing, employment, transport and protection of the natural and historic environment. To provide further detail at the local level, the plan splits the District into five sub-areas and sets out a detailed strategy for each. The Local Plan covers the entire administrative area of West Oxfordshire District.

The Further Main Modifications (FMMs) are intended to address various issues raised during and since the Local Plan examination hearing sessions held in May and July 2017 including those set out in the Inspector’s letter of 16 January 2018.

Additional information about the consultation including where to view documents and how to respond to the consultation is available in the attached letter. Further information can also be viewed on the Councils website

The consultation period runs from Thursday 22nd February 2018 to Monday 9th April 2018.

Any comments must therefore be submitted no later than 5pm on Monday 9th April 2018.

All comments received within this period will be submitted to the Inspector together with the proposed Further Main Modifications and supporting documentation. They will also be made available for public inspection.

Parish Council Elections

Shipton under Wychwood Parish Council

 Come and join us

Your Parish Council is always looking for new members either to fill vacancies as they arise from time to time and also for the full election of all seven Councillors in May. This note is a brief guide to what we do and the time and commitment involved. All our existing Councillors are listed on the village website with their contact details; they would be delighted to hear from you for an informal chat. You can also look at our past agenda and minutes or sit in on a meeting to get a fuller flavour of our activities.

What does a Parish Council do?

Parish Councils have their origins in Saxon times with village meetings making decisions that affected the whole community. In the past two centuries there have been more that 25 Acts of Parliament conferring various powers on Parish Councils . Overall we have more powers- things we may do and few duties- things we must do.

Shipton  Parish Council?

We represent around 1200 local people and have an annual income of over £30,000 derived mainly from the ‘precept’ which is collected with the Council tax. Like other Councils, we maintain the Green, the recreation ground, almost 200 trees and all the green space including the churchyard; we support the Volunteers and make grants to local causes. We have funded and built the play ground and maintain it; we manage and develop the allotments. We receive over 30 planning applications annually and comment in detail to the District Council who are the planning authority, supporting or objecting to new applications. We liaise with the County Council over roads and transport, with the Police over crime and public safety and with a wide variety of other bodies whose activities impact on our village. So our activities fall under three headings:-

–We decide how our money should best and most economically be spent in the interests of the village as a whole.

— We influence the decisions and activities of other bodies who may affect our lives through planning, policing, road safety, winter and other emergencies and so on.

–We act as the focal point for village concerns , we get involved and we strive to make things better.


How do we work?

We meet monthly throughout the year. Individual Councillors take a lead in various subject areas and follow these up on behalf of the Council. We issue a newsletter three times a year and have a website to keep everyone up to date. There is public time at the monthly meeting for residents to set out their concerns on particular topics.

What would be my time commitment?

In addition to the monthly meetings and time needed to prepare for them, you should probably expect about two or three hours a week.

Do I need special qualifications?

The main qualifications are enthusiasm, commitment and a genuine desire to make Shipton a better place. It helps if you are a ‘people person’ who enjoys meeting and talking to local people. You should also not be shy of dealing firmly with outside bodies to represent local interests and of putting your views clearly. It would be useful if you can see the wood from the trees in the paper that comes our way and you will need a home computer for emails and other documents as that is how most public service work is now done. You will need to pick up the language of relevant law and finance but at a basic level and with full support. There are a few basic qualifications relating to nationality and residence.

What do you think I would get out of this?

Councillors are obviously unpaid. The activities are sometimes tedious like any role, people will expect you do things well beyond the Councils responsibilities, and thanks are the exception not the rule. But there is satisfaction in knowing for example that you have helped with a sensitive planning application, that road safety is better monitored, that the historic fabric of the village is protected for future generations and that local people trust you to be their voice and represent them as best you can.

  So why not take the next step and come and talk about joining us?


Council tax to rise by just £2.75 a year

 West Oxfordshire District Council’s share of council tax is set to increase by just £2.75 a year for the average householder.

The District Council’s Cabinet have recommended a three per cent increase from April which will see an average Band D household paying £94.38, instead of £91.63 in the current financial year.

Councillors were originally recommended to back a £5 a year rise – the maximum allowable without a referendum – but a combination of a sound investment strategy and cost savings has meant the lower level can be set.

Cllr Toby Morris, Cabinet Member for Resources, said when fine detail had been included in the 2018/19 budget, the council had improved its position by £447,000. Rises in investment income from the Rural Services Delivery Grant had contributed to this.

He also highlighted how sharing services with Cotswold and Forest of Dean District Councils was saving £1m a year with a further £1.5m worth of efficiencies predicted following the establishment of the local authority owned company Publica in 2017.

Cllr Morris added: “A combination of improved income and efficient operation has meant residents will see a lower increase this year which has to be good news.

“We were already charging the second lowest council tax rate of any district council in the country and I am delighted to say that is expected to remain the case.”

The final decision on Council Tax will be made at the full Council meeting on 28 February.