Living In Shipton

Living In Shipton

Living in Shipton

Useful information and external links to support you living in Shipton.

Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the third Thursday of the month at New Beaconsfield Hall at 7.30pm.  Members of public are welcome to attend and there is time set aside for public comments and questions.

During August and December a planning and finance meeting only is held.

Dates of Parish Council meetings for 2022-23:

Date Meeting
21st April 2022 Parish Council
21st  April 2022 Annual Parish Meeting
19th May 2022 Annual Meeting of Council
16th June 2022 Parish Council
21st July 2022 Parish Council
18th August 2022 Parish Council (finance & planning only)
15th September 2022 Parish Council
20th October 2022 Parish Council
17th November 2022 Parish Council
15th December 2022 Parish Council (finance & planning only)
19th January 2023 Parish Council
16th February 2023 Parish Council
16th March 2023 Parish Council

Parish Council work

Each Councillor has areas of responsibility:

Cllr Mavin Chair, Allotments, Schools Liaison, Library
Cllr Yates Vice-Chair, Transport, NBH, Telecoms, Burial Ground, Media, Generator
Cllr Arnold Volunteers, Benches, NBH, RFO Support, SuW Fair
vacancy Playground, Planning, Defib/Generator
Cllr Hames Highways, Drainage, Flooding, Emergency Planning
Cllr Lund Environment, Trees, Grass cutting, Green spaces
Cllr Randall Planning, PCC Liaison, SuW Fair


Much of Shipton is designated a Conservation Area. All developments in the area are subject to specific additional conditions and all established trees in the area are subject to tree preservation orders. For details on how these conditions might affect you please consult the WODC planning regulations site.



In line with most other councils, recycling collections are fortnightly and will alternate with the general household rubbish collection.

Food waste is collected weekly.

Recycling materials that are collected in wheelie bins:
Cardboard, paper, plastics, foil, cartons, aerosols, food tins, drink cans

Separated materials:
Glass will be collected separately. The Council collects batteries, textiles and cooking oil separately.

Shipton Under Wychwood Parish Council