Shipton Volunteers

Shipton Volunteers

Shipton Volunteers

The Shipton Volunteers have been going since 2007 and are aim is to maintain, enhance and improve aspects of the village.

There are two morning sessions held each month. We meet at 9am and finish around 11.00 to 11.30am, that includes a coffee break with home made goodies!! Participation is welcomed for just part or all of each session. Tasks performed are varied and accommodate all levels of energy and skill. It’s a great way of meeting new people.

The scheduled dates for 2024 are as below, but are subject to change:

  • June – Friday 21st
  • June – Saturday 22nd
  • July – Friday 19th
  • July – Saturday 20th
  • August – Sunday 25th
  • August – Monday 26th
  • September – Friday 20th
  • September – Saturday 21st
  • October – Friday TBC
  • October – Saturday TBC
  • November – Friday 15th
  • November – Saturday 23rd

If you would like to join us or learn more about the Volunteers please get in touch with Carole Arnold.
Telephone: 07545 475560



Friday 17th – Nine of us met in the church grounds. We removed a lot of ash and elder saplings growing under some of the bigger trees, it’s surprising how much of this there was. We also removed the ivy from the front wall and gave the bench a coat of varnish

Saturday 18th – Four of us met at the allotments. We have created a new compost bay, where we dispose of the rubbish we collect from our volunteer sessions. The aim is to get two more of these built.




Saturday 13th April – Eleven of us helped with the Wild Garden working party.

Friday 19th April – Six of us met at the New Beaconsfield Hall and pruned the dead branches from the front bush.


Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March – litter picking. There were nine of us on Friday and seven of us on Saturday. In total we collected 47 bags of rubbish, 2 wheels, a plastic water container.

Area covered (blue arrows Friday, red arrows Saturday)


On Friday 16th – Eight of us met at the church. We removed ivy from one of the walls; hacked back some of the bramble on the boundary edge; cut back the shoots under the lime trees; collected nine bags of rubbish – mainly artificial flowers that were starting to disintegrate.

On Saturday 17th – Six of us met at Mawles Lane. We shovelled back the vegetation that was encroaching the road. We managed to get all the way to the end of the road this year and made sure the drains were clear (even under covered one that was buried). We also carried on last years work of getting ivy off some of the bigger trees.


Ascott Road

Village Green

Swinbrook Road


Friday 1st  – Seven of us met and cleared the footpath from the cricket ground round to Tall Trees. We then made a start on Plum Lane.

Saturday 2nd – Three of use met and finished off Plum Lane and cleared a few drains.



Friday 21st July – Eight, of us met and weeded the path on the corner of the A361/Milton Road junction working round towards the post office. We also worked on the village green around the road wall and monuments.




Friday 24th –  Nine of us met at the church to clear the railings of weeds/overgrowth, ready for their painting by others.

Friday 30th – Five of us met and weeded the path outside the NBH, including the water feature by the Wychwood Inn. We also cleaned the gutters in the grounds of the NBH.

Before                                                                                   After




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