Shipton Volunteers

What impression do you have as you walk, cycle or motor through our village? Hopefully of a community that cares about its environment and appearance. Supported by the Parish Council the Shipton Volunteers, instantly recognisable by their burgundy coloured sweat/polo shirts, are a group, comprising around 45 volunteers, whose aim is to maintain, enhance and improve many aspects of the village for the pleasure and enjoyment of all.

Two morning sessions are held each month and participation is welcomed for just part or all of each session. Tasks performed are varied and accommodate all levels of energy and skill so don’t be shy!

This year’s dates are:

  • March – Fri 16th – Litter Pick
  • March – Sat 17th – Swinbrook Road/Allotments
  • April – Fri 20th – Church Yard
  • April – Sat 21st – Wild Garden
  • May – Fri 18th – Weeding
  • May – Sat 19th – Weeding
  • June – Fri 15th
  • June – Sat 16th
  • July – Fri 20th
  • July – Sat 21st
  • August – Fri 17th
  • August – Sat 18th
  • September – Fri 21st
  • September – Sat 22nd
  • October – Fri TBC
  • October – Sat TBC – Wild Garden
  • November – Fri 16th – Leaf Clearing
  • November – Sat 17th – Leaf Clearing
  • December – Fri 7th
  • December – Sat 8th

If you would like to join us or learn more about us while enjoying friendship and making a difference please now get in touch with Carole Arnold.
Telephone: 07545 475560