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Shipton Volunteers

Shipton Volunteers

Shipton Volunteers

The aim of the Shipton Volunteers is to maintain, enhance and improve aspects of the village.

There are two morning sessions held each month and participation is welcomed for just part or all of each session. Tasks performed are varied and accommodate all levels of energy and skill. It’s a great way of meeting new people.

The scheduled dates for 2023 are as below, but are subject to change:

  • January – Fri 20th – Swinbrook Road
  • January – Sat 21st
  • February – Fri 17th – Mawles Lane
  • February – Sat 18th
  • March – Fri 24th – Litter picking
  • March – Sat 25th
  • April – Fri 21st
  • April – Sat 22nd – Wild Garden Working Party
  • May – Fri 19th
  • May – Sat 20th
  • June – Fri 23rd
  • June – Sat 24th

If you would like to join us or learn more about the Volunteers please get in touch with Carole Arnold.
Telephone: 07545 475560
Email: carole@caa-accounting.co.uk



On Friday 23rd, eight of us met to tidy up the bushes around the New Beaconsfield Hall and to clean and remove branches away from various road signs near to the hall. On the Saturday four of us tackled some more road signs. We did a circuit from A361 Ascot Road junction, along Mutton Lane, Five Ways, down Plum Lane and back up Mawles Lane.


June and July

During these two months we did four sessions weeding round the village:

  • On 24/06/2022 – four of us met and worked round the zebra crossing and bus stop opposite the Wychwood Inn. We also trimmed one piece of hedgerow by the NBH, that was restricting pedestrians walking on the path
  • On 09/07/2022 – six of us met and did between Ascot Road and Plum Lane on the east side of the road
  • On 29/07/2022 – nine of us met and worked round the village green and a short bit of the west side of the A361.
  • And lastly on the 30/07/22 – four of us met and did the corner of the Milton Road working towards the St Michaels store (which included taking out head high brambles)

Friday 27th and Saturday 28th May 2022

On Friday, ten of us met on Simons Lane to redefine the pathway by removing weeds and encroaching turf. We also worked on the stream, removing weeds and excess mud that improved the stream flow considerably.

On Saturday six of us met in the church grounds. Time was split between the two sides of the Church Walk. On the cemetery side, some of the graves were weeded, along with a general tidy up. On the other side, the wood chipping pile created from the fallen tree , were spread out under the trees.


Friday 18th and Saturday 19th March 2022

On Friday ten of us met to do the litter picking, we collected over 20 bags of rubbish and covered Station Road from Lyneham junction, around NBH/Meadow Lane, A361 from Tall Trees to Upper End, Ascot Road/Mutton Lane, Leafield Road and B4437 from A361 junction towards Swinbrook Road.

On Saturday 5 of us met at the allotments and got rid of all the rubbish we had accumulated from previous volunteer activities, either on the bonfire or in the skip. We also had a general tidy up around the compost bin area.


Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd January 2022

Friday eight of us worked along Swinbrook Road. We trimmed back hedges, ivy and brambles from the lower end of the roadside, a stretch we have managed to keep on top over the last few years. We were also able to work on some of thick ivy growing by the allotment entrance, an area we have struggled to get to recently.

Saturday seven of us worked down Mawles Lane. We started at the top end and worked down the hill. The main objective was to re-widened the road by shovelling back the mud that had dropped from the roadside over that last few years. We managed to scrap back a good 1 metre on both sides of the road. We also trimmed back loose over hanging branches and cleared around the upper drains.





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