Sports and Recreation funding for Shipton

Invite to Shipton clubs to request Section 106 funding

 District Councils are able to enter into agreements with developers for the funding of local facilities designed to facilitate a new development. These are known as Sec 106 agreements.

In relation to the Deanfield development by the school, in round figures £36,000 has been allocated to the playground and £48,000 set aside for sport and recreation locally. The District Council has asked the Parish Council to assist with the allocation of the £48,000 and my reason for contacting you is to ask whether you wish to apply for funding against the following criteria: –

  • The project/item(s) must be of a capital nature
  • The organisation applying must be a properly constituted body able to produce an audit trail and suitable accounts
  • The project/item(s) must demonstrate incremental benefit to the community and not simply replace planned investment.
  • The project/item(s) must be capable of implementation when the funds are released and not await planning or landlord consent.
  • There must be a named responsible person-usually the chairman.
  • Matched funding applications are welcome as this will help the spread of the funds.
  • Bodies that apply are responsible for any cost over runs and for obtaining insurance where applicable.
  • There is no guarantee that any sport or recreation organisation in the village will be successful. The money will be allocated to the clubs that the PC/WODC deem has the greatest need.

To ensure consistency between applications, there is a link to a short application form below which should be returned to me by 30 April. The process is being managed by a Parish Council working party comprising Brian Rigby, Rob Dyer and Tom Etherington (with final recommendations to WODC agreed by full Parish Council). They are available for discussion (but not lobbying) if that would help.

Lisa Wilkinson

Clerk to the Council

SEc 106 application for funding



Shipton Under Wychwood Parish Council