Please see below response from Thames Water to a complaint sent by the Parish Council regarding the road closure on A361:

Thames Water
Customer Relations
PO Box 436
SN38 1TU

Telephone:  0800 0093932
Fax:  01793 424291

24 August 2021

Our Ref: 33476760

Road Repair

Dear Ms Wilkinson

I’m sorry you’ve had to email us about the work which took place in Chipping Norton, A361, on 10 August, under our reference 31660579. I’d have liked to have discussed this over the phone but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a contact number for you on our system. Please can you provide one so I can update our records?

I’d like to apologise for the inconvenience this caused when the road was being repaired, and for the temporary congestion this caused on the smaller, single track roads. Unfortunately, this burst was substantial, and caused damage to the structure of the road. We were provided a permit from the council to undertake the work, which was granted to us until 21 August 2021.

I’ve checked the history of the job, and as you mentioned, the leak was repaired quickly, however, the road repair did take a while. We were working continuously from 10 August to 12 August, when the initial burst was reported to us. After this date there was a delay to repair the road, as we were waiting for resources. From 18 August we received the materials we needed and continued to work through the days of 18 August to 21 August, when the road was then reopened. I appreciate this caused disruption to your village but unfortunately, repairs which effect the roads’ structure can take longer to be completed.

I trust now the work has been completed, everything is back to normal.

Next steps

As there isn’t anything further I can do to assist, and I trust the problem has been resolved, I’ll be closing your case today.

It may be helpful to mention, for all email contact, we’ll respond within a maximum of 10 working days. The quickest way to contact me is by calling 0800 009 3932. I’m usually available between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. If I’m not available when you call, you can leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible, or one of my colleagues will be happy to help.

Contacting us in future

Yours sincerely

Ellie Classey

Case Manager

Customer Relations

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Shipton Under Wychwood Parish Council