Emergency Management Plan May 2022

Policies Uploaded on May 23, 2022

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Parish Emergency Plan


Approved by Shipton Parish Council for use from May 2022

The plan will be reviewed annually.

This document contains personal information that must be treated as private and confidential 






3 Introduction and Objectives
5 Procedure for a serious emergency event
6 Emergency Management Team
7 Key Contacts
8 Communications Plan
9 Appendix A; Additional contact information
10 Appendix B; Special information regarding flooding
11 Appendix C; Special Information for Snow and Severe Weather
12 Appendix D; Survivor Reception Centre details
13 Appendix E; Street Map of Shipton
14 Appendix F; Local skills and resources
16 Appendix G; Incident Log
17 Appendix H; Vulnerability Register
18 Appendix I: Emergency Generator


Distribution List

Name/Place Format
New Beaconsfield Hall, Changing Room. Filing Cabinet Loose leaf binder
Parish Council members Electronic pdf
Other Emergency Team members Electronic pdf
District Councillor Electronic pdf
WODC Emergency Planning Electronic pdf
OCC Emergency Planning Electronic pdf
Shipton under Wychwood website

(without some appendices)

Electronic pdf
Wychwood Primary School Electronic pdf
Milton under Wychwood Emergency Coordinator Electronic pdf
Ascot under Wychwood Emergency Coordinator Electronic pdf



Record of Revisions



Revision Number Reason Date




1 Initial issue 16 Jan 2008 Alan Vickers
2 Revised contacts 29 Feb 2008 Alan Vickers
3 New council 5 Nov 2010 Mike Watson
4 Update 20 Nov 2012 Mike Watson
5 Update 19th December 2013 Mike Watson
6 Revised Contacts June 14 Brian Young
7 Revised Contacts Sep 14 Brian Young
8 Revised Contacts Feb 15 Brian Young
9 Revised Contacts Feb 16 Brian Young
10 Use of Generator Jul 16 Brian Young
11 Revised contacts Feb 17 Brian Young
12 Revised Contacts May 18 Rob Dyer
13 Revised Contacts May 19 Rob Dyer
14 Revised Contacts Feb 20 Rob Dyer
15 Revised Contacts Apr 21 Rob Dyer


Nearly all emergencies affecting the community will be dealt with routinely by joint response of the emergency services, local authorities and the major utilities. However, there may be occasions when the arrival of outside assistance is delayed, and the community will need to help itself.


This document has been created by Shipton Parish Council to provide contacts and a basic framework for managing the initial stages of a major emergency that may threaten the safety and welfare of the community, its people, livestock and property. It is not the intention of this plan to replace in any way help from the recognised emergency services.


The responsibility for keeping this plan up to date lies with the Chairman of the Parish Council.


Objectives of the Plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide information for:

The Parish Emergency Management Team, The Emergency Services, Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council, in the event of a major incident which may threaten the safety and welfare of the community, both residential and employed, property and livestock.


The Plan achieves this by:

  • Identifying the risks to the community and taking action to mitigate them


  • Providing key contact details for the Emergency Management Team, Key Community Resources, the Emergency services and Local Authorities


  • Identifying resources in the immediate local community available to assist during an emergency


  • Identifying vulnerable people in the community and developing plans to assist/protect them


  • Provide a framework to keep the community informed of Emergency Services actions, Parish Council assistance and Residents’ personal responsibilities.


Potential Emergency Risks that might impact Shipton

While an episode of flooding is probably the most likely cause of any future emergency, the location of our Parish does not preclude other possible emergency situations.


  • The Parish is bisected by a major road (the A361) and this could lead to a serious road accident, collision or spillage including chemical spillage


  • The edge of the Parish is traversed by a major railway line.


  • The Parish lies just to the north of a major military airport and is regularly over flown by military and private aircraft and particularly helicopters.


  • Sustained failure of gas, electrical or water supplies which may then threaten lives in the community.


  • Damage and injury caused by severe weather or prolonged spells of severe weather or snow restricting movements.


  • Gas leaks or explosions, a major fire or building collapse requiring evacuation of part of the community.


Our area covers the Parish of Shipton under Wychwood, comprising some six hundred private dwellings, the Wychwood Primary School, a Pre-school/Nursery, about fifteen business and retail properties and two care homes or centres for the elderly.


Apart from two filling stations, there are no known potentially dangerous industrial installations.



NOTE: remember to take all reasonable steps to avoid causing harm to yourself and others


Call 999

Give them the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Details of the incident
  • Exact location
  • Emergency Services requested
  • Estimated casualties
  • Hazards & road blockages


SUBSEQUENT Actions in the event of a potential emergency


  • Contact the Emergency Management Team                          (Page 5)


  • Start a log                                                                                      (Page 14)


  • Contact the District Council Emergency Centre                     (Page 6)


  • Contact Key Holders                                                                   (Page 6)

If decision is made to open a Survivor Reception Centre


  • Contact the Volunteers Leader                                                 (Page 5)


  • Contact schools and those at risk (Page 6 and 15)


  • Assist Emergency Services as required with the resources at its disposal, or if Emergency Services cannot offer immediate help, co-ordinate efforts to mitigate the impact of the threat.


  • Designate a Central Co-ordinator, and establish a communication and coordination centre in an appropriate meeting centre. (Page 7)


  • In the case of severe fire, inform the local garages who store hazardous materials and also pass this information on to WODC emergency coordinators (Page 8)






Remember local resources are limited: in a declared emergency the Emergency Team will only do what is essential to protect lives and property.



The legal responsibility at County level for calling an emergency and delivering a response lies with The Emergency Services (ES), Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC).


But, if a serious incident is District or County wide, Emergency Services may be delayed.

In the absence of the regular emergency services, the Shipton Parish Emergency Plan will be activated by the Chairman, or in his absence the Vice Chair / Clerk / Other Councillors / or members of the Emergency Team.

The Plan will be the framework for self-help response until the services arrive as far as parish resources allow


Parish Council Emergency Responsibilities:

Advise local residents what the emergency organisations plan to do.

Follow the requests made by the emergency services and the local authorities.

Maintain a contingency plan to cope with a serious situation until the Emergency Services arrive.

Keep people informed so that they can help themselves.

Ensure as many vulnerable people as possible are contacted and assisted.


Emergency Management Team contacts:

Name Contact Number Mobile
Chairman of the Parish Council

Jill Mavin

 01993 831091 07548 310391
Vice Chairman of the Parish Council

Tim Yates


  07786 031584
Clerk to Parish Council (Zoe Thornburgh)


  07890 433928
Executive Chairman of the Village Hall Committee (Chris Fitzpatrick)   07561 537646
Councillor & Leader of Shipton Volunteers Carole Arnold


01993 832313 07545 475560
Councillor Matthew Colledge


Councillor Hibbert-Biles


01993 831822  
Councillor Jan Lund


01993 831993 07762141605
Councillor Simon Randall


Women’s Institute      Kay Shortland


01993 832927  

West Oxfordshire District Council Contact:

Day/Times Contact Number
District Councillor (David Cooper) 07811 989424
District Council Emergency Planning Officer (EPO).
Mon – Fri (time to time) 01993 861000
Weekends/Out of hours 01513 432945


Key Contacts

Service Telephone
Oxfordshire County Council, Emergency Planning


In an Emergency 999

01865 323765

01865 792422

(outside office hours  will be directed to relevant service)

Oxfordshire Fire & Recue


01865 842999 (24 hrs)

In an Emergency 999

Oxfordshire Highways 03453 101111
Southern Electric Emergency Numbers


0800 0727282

0345 0721905


Gas National Emergency Number


0800 111 999
Environment Agency: Floodline



0345 9881188

0800 807060

Thames Water


24h hotline

0800 3169800

0800 714614

08459 200800

Thames Valley Police


101 Non Emergency.

In an Emergency 999


Wychwood Primary School



01993 830059 (school hours)

01993 830076 (out of hours –   Julie Hemming secretary)

Cherubs Pre school and Nursery

(during school hours)


01993 832773
Cottsway Housing


01993 890000

(24 hour line)

0800 8766366


Primary Survivor Reception Centre

Premises Function 24 hr Contact Number and Key Holders
New Beaconsfield Hall

Station Road

Shipton under Wychwood

Oxon OX7 6BQ

The Milton and Ascott Village Halls may be available as back up if required

Reception Centre with kitchen Chris Fitzpatrick  07561 537646
Lee Wyatt Buchan 07530 690444
Christine Halliday 01993 831134

Emergency Communication Plan.

If telephones are affected and road traffic is not moving freely, communication within the community, and to outside assistance, can be severely hampered.

A member of the emergency team will be tasked with listening to local and national radio stations which will enable the community to assess the general situation and also to hear messages from the emergency services.

All information and actions will be reported back to the Central Co-ordinator for cascading and decisions.

Communications between the Emergency Team will be by mobile phone assuming these are functioning, otherwise by written messages using the volunteers as couriers. A supply of cards will be maintained in the plan copy in the New Beaconsfield Hall.

Contacting Vulnerable Residents is a Priority. In the first instance, contact should be made to Cottsway and direct to the Care Homes in the area. Other vulnerable residents known to the Emergency team members will also be contacted.

For an extended emergency such as severe weather, the village website will be used to provide an up to date situation report on a daily basis.

Pets and Livestock

No provision is being made in this plan for domestic pets or livestock. The owners are encouraged to make their own emergency plans.

Parish Council Liability

The Parish Council insurance covers volunteers working on behalf of the community. However it is the responsibility of all volunteers to only undertake tasks that they feel competent to do and to avoid at all times putting themselves or others into danger. Under no circumstances should any volunteer use machinery or equipment for which they are not fully trained.

This plan has been produced in good faith by the Shipton Parish Council, however no liability can be accepted for any inaccurate information or for circumstances arising from the use of this plan.



Organisation Tel Number Comments
Wychwood Surgery





01993 831061




01993 833243

Defibrillator available

0800-1830 weekdays

0900-1030 Saturday


Weekdays only

Ascott Emergency Communications Coordinator Philippa Carter

01993 830344

07711 696678.

Chair –

Ascott Parish Council

Milton Emergency Communications Coordinator Lara Jacques

07789 740279

Clerk –

Milton Parish Council

Thames Water


0800 714614 24 hr leak line
Highways Agency


01865 815930  
Oxfordshire County Council Street Lighting


0800 317802  
Network Rail 24 hr helpline


03457 114141  
First Great Western Customer Services


03457 000125  
Brize Norton airfield


01993 842551  
Station Road Garage

(includes storage of hazardous materials)


Station Road

01993 830214

Milton service Station

(includes storage of hazardous materials)


Milton Road

01993 830335

Milton Village Hall

Overspill Reception Centre

Lara Jacques

07789 740279

Ascott Village Hall

Overspill Reception Centre

Angela Barnes

01608 641045



Local media

Radio Stations Frequency Tel number
BBC Radio Oxford

Jack FM

95.2 FM



03459 311444





When flood warnings are in force, local flood information can be found using the Floodline service; callers can listen to this information by telephoning Floodline on 0345 988 1188


The river level on the Evenlode at Shipton Bridge can be monitored at:


All properties at risk from flooding can register for the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service, Floodline Warnings Directed (FWD).


This can be done by telephoning 0345 988 1188 and asking to be registered.  To find out if your property is at risk, you can either telephone floodline on: 0345 988 1188 and ask the operator or by logging onto the Environment Agency’s website at  and entering your post code.

General enquiries to the Environment Agency can be made on: 0370 850 6506 during office hours.



An emergency supply of sand for flood protection is maintained to the left-hand side of the entrance to the New Beaconsfield Hall in Station Road including spare bags and shovels.  It is locked with a combination code padlock.

All Emergency Management Team members have access to the combination code and a copy of the Combination Code is kept with the reference copy of the Emergency Plan lodged in the New Beaconsfield Hall.






Residents are encouraged to pay particular attention to any severe weather warnings issues by the MET OFFICE or published on their website and to take the appropriate action.


Personal Actions to consider include:

Having a provision of salt and shovels for snow and ice clearance

Fitting winter tyres and having chains for the car if its use is essential

Storing a torch and batteries in a safe place in the house in case of power cuts



OCC Highways plan to ensure that the A361 and key bus routes such as Milton Road are kept open in the event of severe snow. Salt Grit bins are provided throughout the village to ensure that the majority of other access roads can be kept clear by local residents who need to use their cars. Local residents may use the salt grit on the highway at their discretion to reduce danger from ice and snow.



See Appendix E for Salt Bin locations.



The Parish Council holds a small quantity of additional salt grit for use by residents to keep pathways and drives clear. This is available on application to the Clerk. In association with Ascott Parish Council the aim is to keep the Ascott Road to the A361 clear. Except in severe or prolonged conditions the Parish Council does not organise any other snow clearance of paths and pavements.

Where organised parties are used to keep pavements and pathways clear the following guidance should be followed:



APPENDIX D – Survivor Reception Centre details



Facilities Key holder and tel. number
New Beaconsfield Hall



Milton and Ascot village halls available for overspill if necessary

First choice, able to accommodate approx. 100 seated.

Cooking facilities using electricity.

Limited coach access and potentially in flood area


If NBH subject to a power failure an Emergency Generator and lighting is available in Pump Room. See Appendix I


Chris Fitzpatrick

07561 537646

Lee Wyatt Buchan

01993 832216

Christine Halliday

01993 831134


Wychwoods Primary School


Second choice, able to accommodate approx.. 50 seated.

Cooking facilities with electricity and gas.

Good coach access.



01993 830059

School hours only


01993 830076 (out of hours -Julie Hemming secretary)

St Mary’s Church


Limited seating facilities for approx 100. Restricted coach access and no kitchen facilities.


James Walmsley

(church warden)

01993 830842

Shaven Crown Hotel Able to accommodate approx 50 seated.

Cooking facilities with electricity and gas. Could provide limited overnight accommodation for about 10.

Coach access on main road only

01993 830500



The Wychwood Inn Able to accommodate approx 50 seated.

Cooking facilities with electricity and gas. Could provide limited overnight accommodation for about 10.

Coach access from main road.

01993 831185
Lamb Inn Able to accommodate approx 50 seated.

Cooking facilities with electricity and gas. Could provide limited overnight accommodation for about 10.

Good coach access.


01993 830465




Salt Bin Locations



Shaven Crown Hotel
Wychwood School
Lamb Inn
The Wychwood Inn
New Beaconsfield Hall


Showing Survivor Centres and Salt Bins







Equipment/ Resource Name Address Tel No
Medical services

See also Annex A

    Via surgery

01993 831061

First Aider  




Basic medical supplies New Beaconsfield Hall


Wychwood Surgery


  01993 832216



01993 831061

Office hours


General Equipment
Tractor/digger Charles Barrett   07790 594525
Lifting gear Milton Service Station   01993 830335
Inflatable boat/ Canoes Station Road Garage

Terry Wilson


Wild Garden

01993 830214

01993 831127


Petrol driven Pump

Mike Watson Wild Garden 01993 830368
Firefighting equipment and extinguishers NBH



Johnsons Garage

  01993 832216

07530 690444


01993 830214

Sandbags and bin access Sand Bin to left of entrance to the New Beaconsfield Hall


  Combination code held by Emergency Team members
Four wheel drive vehicles    
  Jeremy Huntingford

Brian Rigby

Peter Hills

  07785 290359 07766 114151

07773 240146

Chain Saws
  Jeremy Huntingford

Terry Wilson

  07785 290359

01993 831127

Emergency food and drink


Kay Shortland

(WI Contact)

  01993 832927
Cutlery and crockery


As above


Shipton Post Office


  Milton Road


01993 830310
Milton Co-Op



  The Green


01993 830217
Other Equipment and Resources


White boards at NBH   01993 832216

07530 690444


Emergency lighting


Torches at NBH

Portable LED Work Light

Tripod Mounted Double LED Lights


Pump Room


Volunteers Storage facility

See Appendix I

07530 690444

Rob Dyer

01993 832392


01993 832216


Emergency Power Portable 10KVA generator NBH Pump Room

See Appendix I

Emergency Supply of Petrol Brian Rigby

Shipton Volunteers

Walnut House

Volunteers Storage Facility

07766 114151


07545 475560

Camp beds


Waste disposal bags


NBH   01993 832216

07530 690444


Electrician John Heathcote

Ian Drainer

  07980 596063

07598 316973


Emergency Defibrillator   1. Located outside the New Beaconsfield Hall.

2. Phone Box, Fiddlers Hill.


Under the supervision of the Ambulance Service

Access Code via Emergency Services


Rob Dyer










The information contained in this log may be of use to agencies and local authorities following an incident to establish what actually happened, please do not destroy.   



Log Keeper ..………………………………………………………………


Incident …………………………………………………………………….




Date Time Event     Action









































Name Address
Old Prebendal Station Road 01993 831888
Tall Trees


Burford Road 01993 833833
Cottsway Housing   01993 890000

24 hour number


Appendix I




The generator, cabling and portable lighting are stored in the NBH Pump Room. Keys to the Pump Room are held by the Hall Manager at the New Beaconsfield Hall, the Parish Clerk and Rob Dyer.


Except in an emergency anyone planning to operate the generator should have first received basic instruction in its use from either Ian Drainer or Rob Dyer.




The generator is only to be used by adults

The generator cables and plugs are to be inspected for damage before use.

Only the cables supplied are to be used.

The generator is only to be used outside and never in an enclosed or partially enclosed space.

The generator must not be refuelled while running.

The 16amp supply is to be used for lighting

The 32 amp supply may be used for either lighting or heavier loads such as kettles or tea urns.

The RCDs and plugs are shower proof but not waterproof .They should not be subjected to heavy rain or standing water.

The generator must be connected to an earth spike.


Starting and Use


When used at NBH the generator should be positioned outside the kitchen by the corner of the building.

The generator is stored without fuel(petrol). Fuel can be obtained by either contacting Brian Rigby, Carole Arnold or Rob Dyer as well as via normal commercial sources




Refuel as required. Check oil level.

Connect the earth lead (GREEN and YELLOW) to the earth spike using a 13mm spanner.(attached to the generator).The earth spike is a copper rod situated in the flower bed by the corner of the NBH. For use away from the NBH a spare rod is in the cable box.

Check Main Circuit Breaker switch on the generator control panel is ON(BLUE switch under Perspex cover adjacent to sockets)

Ensure the MASTER VOLTAGE SWITCH on the generator panel is OFF

Connect the extension cables to the relevant BLUE sockets on the generator.

Turn ON the fuel supply (Small tap under fuel tank .Vertical is ON)

Select full choke and START using key start.

Push choke in as required.

Select MASTER VOLTAGE SWITCH on generator control panel to 230v.

Reset RCDs on extension cables . Light should come on. Check operation of RCD by pressing the test button. The light should go off.

If the RCD does not reset then do not use.

Connect appliances/lights to extension cables.


Both the 32 amp and 16 amp supplies may be used at the same time subject to the maximum load limit.


If no output check:

Master switch is set to 230v

Main circuit breaker switch is ON.If it does not reset then the 230v supply can not be used

RCDs on extension cables have been reset.

If the RCD(s) do not reset then do not use that supply



Stopping the Generator


Switch off and disconnect appliances /lights

Select voltage MASTER SWITCH on generator to OFF/ZERO

Turn engine key switch to OFF

Turn fuel supply to OFF(Horizontal)

Disconnect cables


Return generator, cables and lights to the NBH Pump Room once generator and any lights/appliances have cooled down














A portable LED worklight is stored with the generator.


Additionally a double tripod mounted lighting installation is stored with the Shipton Volunteers equipment and may be used if necessary.


The tripod installation is boxed and requires assembly prior to use.


Shipton Under Wychwood Parish Council