District Council announces 4-year improvement plan for West Oxfordshire


19 Jan 2023
Council introduces new four year plan to improve West Oxfordshire
West Oxfordshire District Council has updated its four year plan which sets out how the Council will deliver for residents and what it will be focussing on to improve West Oxfordshire.
Councillor Andy Graham, Leader of the Council, said; “We are clear that this council is your council as the residents of West Oxfordshire.

“We have set some ambitious goals for the Council to tackle the challenges we face, improve our district and support our communities and businesses through our new Council Plan.

“As part of our commitment to putting residents first we asked people last year what mattered most to them. We received very useful feedback and this plan is shaped around the responses we got so that residents are guiding our work.

“This plan will guide us over the coming years to make sure we are focussed on the key issues for the area whether that be supporting individuals and communities, building our local economy, tackling the climate and ecological emergency or improving the services you rely on.

“We are already working on these goals and as part of our push to be open and transparent we will regularly report back on our progress to residents.

“We live in a fantastic area with so many opportunities and as your local council we believe we can continue to work with residents and other partners to make it even better. This plan sets the foundations for us to build on as a community in West Oxfordshire”

The Council approved the new Council Plan at their meeting on 18 January and it has been published on the Council’s website for residents to view.

The plan focuses on five priorities of equal importance which will guide the Council’s work over the coming years:

  1. Putting Residents First
  2. Enabling a Good Quality of Life for All
  3. Creating a Better Environment for People and Wildlife
  4. Responding to the Climate and Ecological Emergency
  5. Working Together for West Oxfordshire

Under each priority is a set of actions which are based on the feedback from residents gathered in a consultation during Summer 2022. The quotes from the feedback are included throughout the document, showing where residents have influenced the Council’s plans for the future.

The Council will be setting an action plan to deliver on the ambitious goals and will report back on progress at regular intervals to the public.


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