Assistance for people with visual impairments

Do you know anyone with a visual impairment who might benefit from some support?  Please let them know about this service.


There are 4,370 blind or visually impaired people in West Oxfordshire (RNIB Sight Loss Data Tool, 2021). MyVision Oxfordshire (formerly known as Oxfordshire Association for the Blind, more information here: aims to provide any person with a visual impairment with the tools and skills they need to live independent and active lives. The only way we can do this is with your help.


An initial diagnosis of visual impairment or deterioration can be devastating and overwhelming. Many people who receive a diagnosis of visual impairment have no prior experience with visual impairment and are unsure where to turn. MyVision Oxfordshire provides a well-established and respected information and advice service, which aims to provide visually impaired people in Oxfordshire with the information they need to access services available to them. This is delivered in the following forms:


  • A dedicated helpline available Monday-Friday 10am-3pm, which acts as a friendly signpost to the right place. The types of queries we receive can range from how to apply for benefits to information on daily living aids and equipment that might help them to live independently.
  • Information leaflets, website, social media, and other forms of communication, for people to inform themselves at their leisure.
  • Support and training at our well-equipped resource centre. Individuals can visit the resource centre and discuss their needs with our Client Advice Officer, who offers guidance on a wide range of daily living aids and technology. Equipment at the resource centre is available for purchase and, when available, we can offer some pieces on loan.

Through these services, MyVision Oxfordshire aims to ensure that blind and visually impaired people across Oxfordshire can access the resources they need to live independently.


MyVision Oxfordshire
Bradbury Lodge, Gordon Woodward Way, Oxford, OX1 4XL

Tel: 01865 725 595



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